RVA, Marine Surveyors begins its activity at mid-2011, after developing from 2010 a collaboration and training period with different companies from the tuna sector, on raw material inspection and production and quality control.

Along this time, we have developed and grown according to our customers´ needs, counting on our surveyor team in Spain, with wide experience at international level, and our new team in Cape Verde, to offer a good quality and competitive service in that country.

Additionally, in our improving and service widening process, we have incorporated the inspection of new products as mackerel, horse mackerel or squid.


At present, we can offer high quality inspection and control services, with a high level of trust , at any destination worldwide. We understand this elements, quality and trust as fundamentals, and they occupy, besides independence and objectivity, a central position in our philosophy.

We constantly work to warrant our customers interests are duly represented.


We are operating now in Spain and Portugal, and usually in other regions worldwide:

Central and South America: Ecuador, Perú, Colombia, El Salvador, México.

Magreb: Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria.

West-Africa: Ivory Coast, Ghana, Senegal, Cape Verde.

We often visit other countries like Turkey, Oman or Iran.


If you wish a budget or simply need more information about our services, please do not hesitate, and contact us.